Bay (frootybay92) wrote,

Purrrrrrrrhaps some of ya'll will recognize mi cara? Let's do an out of order timeline!

You can't see mah face, i'm ~mysterious~

All day erryday. (shaved these babies about a week and a half ago. now is the furry beginnings)

only sumtimes.

Real life. (mi hermana de la derecho, mi otra "hermana" de la izquierdo)

GSA fam right hurr. (Gay-Straight Alliance club in high school)

Latin class, latin teacher, besssttttt frieeennndsss!

Courtesy of a fine lady by the name of Amanda Clisson, and the hasselblad of course. It always gets the attention.

bb grl u mad? (bb grl's 19th birthday)

dubbed rare fish-gorilla hybrid. i laffed.

when I was 14! Can you believe it?

Students of color organizing conference. (Jan 2009)


glam shot.

LA pride wuz fun.

Sophomore year of high school. Wearing pj's to school furreal.

Interning at a week long youth organizing camp! (summer 2008?)

High school Sadies dance sophomore year. The only dance I went to. (It was at Knott's Berry Farm)

u made a funny!

now this is a glam shot! cheeeeeezus!

good timez.

mmmmmm cereal.

5am waiting in a line of cars to get into the beach to save a bonfire pit. ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous.

visiting san francisco while my cousin was in law school at golden gate university (summer 2009?)

mi amiga Amelia! she's in China right now.

the face I make when I want sex.

the other face I make when I want sex.


for all you feet-phobes out there.

"ey mami"

mi hermana mayor, se llama linda.

the kids.

i had some shit going on with my left eye at this time. allergies.


my momma was such a diva. still is.

do you see my burn?!

cheeks & slits

5? 6?

normal action shot.

I like dogs. I've been learning to like cats.

kittens, however, are very likable.

Classmates from Latin class.

diggin' for morning gold.

Halloween junior year?

GSA Network.

i iz about to cry.


dry skin post-swim.

really silly face.

Human Relations Associates Program (HRAP). Volunteering for a middle school event.

silly faces every day of my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiife.

LGBT Forum in Long Beach.

With the water polo girls.

lasssstt summer-ish. street fair.

my every day attire last summer.

queer youth open mic!

saggy boobs. no big deal.

dragging peeps. no big deal.

flying. big, big deal.

me in a dress! last summer, went to go see dirty dancing at the pantages in LA. wasn't the best. I told myself i was doing some gender fuckery which made it easier for me to wear a dress. i wasn't wearing a bra or underwear. not smart.

Not smart because they try to lift me into the fucking air!

youth organizing memories. and family.

fin. i'm tired. my eyes hurt. why did I just do that. Leaving California in ~2 1/2 weeks for Earlham College in Richmond, IN. Hella excited + nervous, scared, errrrryything under the sun. As much as I am ready I am not ready, vice versa. This was a really silly post, and I am referring to the captions. Pictures are no fun without silly captions! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, enjoying the last days of my pre-college experience life in California, my home I suppose you could say, by movie-binging (LGBT movies mostly), reading, running, eating, internet-ing, andddddddd lots of hanging out with every thing. I need to start organizing mah shit soon!
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